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Offers telecommunications services, including remote Internet equipment installation, network configuration, and LTE/5G expansions, with a 15-year track record emphasizing safety and quality.

installation and maintenance services of cellular base stations in the different network technologies 2g, 3g, 4g, 5g.

Promote configurationm, administration, and support solutions for the main technologies according to your requirements.

Preparation of site survey for new LET sites; delivery of reports with plans in sketchups

Preparation of site survehy for 3G, 4G, 5G network expansions.

Services of personnel dedicated to preparing reports required by the operator to control the correct installation of the equipment in the quality area.

Maintenance service for radio bases of the different 2g, 3g, and 4g cellular network technologies as well as Wifi networks, review of microwave and satellite links.

Disassembly of celluar network equipment and return of these to the warehouse duly invetoried.

Commisioning, configuration, and probe of cellular services network solutions according to operator parameters.

Site master tests, PIM master measurement, BER, to guarantee the correct implementation of the network solution.

Cellular network optimization in different technologies according to specific parameter of the RF area.

Expansion of the capacity of the different cellular network technologies to improve traffic performance.

Installation, disassembly, and maintenance of microwave links (NEC, siemens, ericson, among other), Installation of satellite links from brands such as Embratel, HughesNet and optic fiber networks.

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  • We prioritize safety through certified HSEQ teams and comprehensive training.
  • Our technical staff receives advanced training, including safe driving and working at heights.
  • We have a fleet for logistics and testing to ensure quality nationwide.
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